2022 Q2 Sold Gallery

I've had the pleasure of helping 26 buyers and sellers get to closing in the second quarter of 2022. Take a look at the details to see some how experience really does contribute to the bottom line.  

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2120 Palmetto Way 

Sale Price: $3,500,00 - helped this buyer purchase for over 20% LESS than asking

I was working with the buyers considering this gorgeous gulf-front home in the Plantation on St. George Island but the asking price was $4,400,000...well over what they wanted to spend. I encouraged them to take the time to make a legitimate offer at a number they liked...then to wait. It worked and they ended up purchasing for $3,500,000 less than two months later. 

301 Basin Bayou Drive 

Sale Price: $715,000 

I live in Breakfast Point and have sold over 50 homes in there since it was built just a few years ago. Like so many other transactions in the early part of this year (2022), I didn't see any sold properties that supported selling THIS home for THIS high of a price. However, I felt confident in the market and what we were offering and ended up with multiple offers...ultimately landing on a secure contract with ZERO contingencies.

Calypso II - 1409 

Sale Price: $1,300,000  

I helped both the buyer AND sellers on this transaction...not always easy to do. In this case, there weren't any comparable sales at this price in Calypso on the gulf side but there were some sales in the new Tower 3 that made this seller think something over $1.3M could be attainable. I called multiple rental managers and found out that one was managing a few of this floor plan and was expecting to gross over $130K for the year. Those rental numbers were appealing to a buyer I knew...I showed him the unit and the numbers and it ended up working out for everyone. FINALLY: After setting a record sale for this floor plan, I know had something tangible to work with and helped THREE OTHER OWNERS capitalize on the market and sell for over $1M.

Sterling Breeze 707 

Sale Price: $950,000 

In January of 2022, I sold this same floor plan (#1207) to a buyer for $775K so it was going to be a tall order to help this owner sell for over $900K just a couple of months later. I constantly track the market and in early May, I felt like we could still push pricing. It didn't make any sense on paper but I helped this owner get to closing and sell for $950,000. Interestingly, the SAME floor plan (507)  closed for $80,000 LESS ($870,000) just 8 days later.

307 Basin Bayou Drive 

Sale Price: $638,000 

Video marketing again helped create a feeding frenzy which let these sellers choose from multiple offers. Take a look at the video below ⬇️

Emerald Beach 1327 

Sale Price: $480,000 

Jacob handled this sale for the most part. He pushed the envelope on pricing like we did on some many other sales in Q2 but one of the main challenges was the real estate agent on the other side of the deal. Since the market has been so hot, there are HUGE NUMBERS of newer, inexperienced agents in the market...and condo sales can be tricky. This agent was a great guy, just new at selling condos. Jacob had to go over and above to make sure everything stayed on track for closing. 

126 Covington Street 

Sale Price: $415,000 

This sale in Palmetto Trace came straight out of one of our "coming soon" campaigns. We landed a contract pretty quickly but it took some work to get it to closing. The roof was older and the house had been a rental so not in the best condition. The seller remained  patient and reasonable throughout TWO more rounds of negotiations on repairs to get things finalized. 

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