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Friday Morning Coffee Panama City Beach - June 17, 2022

Craig Duran

Craig has been helping people buy and sell real estate since 2003...

Craig has been helping people buy and sell real estate since 2003...

Jun 16 2 minutes read

We've seen tough markets before...

I started selling real estate full-time in March of 2003. Although I was new, I did pretty well in 2004 and 2005 because the market was so many ways, like our recent market.

By 2008, everything had changed. As a newbie, I didn't yet know how to run a real estate business and my income had cratered. my personal real estate holdings tanked and I was separated and divorced. 

I was 32 years old and in many ways, I felt like I was at rock-bottom. 

But I also remember thinking, over and over again, how thankful I was to have experienced that real estate market because I knew I was in this for the long haul...even when in ONE year I only had five closings. I knew that LIVING the ups and downs of dramatic changes in real estate would help me be a better professional and I would be a more experienced advisor that could hopefully help people better navigate tough markets. 

Fast forward to today.

It looks like we are in for some interesting times. One thing I learned from past markets is that NOBODY has a crystal ball. We can however, understand trends to help make more informed decisions. 

I added up the numbers today and have helped people close 969 transactions totaling over $325,000,000. I feel confident that this experience helps me keep an open mind to what is possible going forward...good and bad.

I hope that I can help as many of you as possible avoid some of the pain I experienced in real estate. Please reach out anytime to discuss your specific situation. There is no obligation to hire me or any fee to meet. I am just interested to help where I can.



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